The Difference

So who are we, and why are we different from any of the other general contractors out there?  We believe the answer to these questions is in the way we approach our responsibility to you, our customers.

You see, we know that having experience is important in the construction and general contractor industries.  To that end, we are proud to point to our long and storied history spanning more than three decades.  No matter what your project may be, there’s a very good chance we’ve done something exactly like it before.

But being a good general contractor is about much more than the level of expertise you possess.  We believe that—in addition to being very good at what we do—we are so successful because of the culture we have developed over all of these years.

We take care of our customers!

This means doing the small things that make us stand apart from our competitors: listening to our customers, answering their questions, explaining all of their options to them, and remembering that our customers are never a bother or hassle—on the contrary, they are the reason that we exist!

All of our employees are friendly, pleasant, and easy to approach.  We know that long after the project is finished, our customers will remember the way they were treated.  We know that it’s not enough just to provide a high-quality product or do a good job: in addition to these things, it is important to treat our customers well, make them happy with their choice of general contractor, and do whatever is necessary to uphold our reputation as one of the best—and one of the most pleasant to work with—general contractors in the area.

We exist because of you, and we take that attitude to work each and every day.  So please—whether you have already hired us or are just shopping around for a general contractor—don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have about any step of the construction or remodeling project that you have in mind.  We’re happy to talk with you, and we are looking forward to showing you exactly why we are known for being one of the best (and one of the best to work with!) in the business.